Besides teaching, doing research and writing academic papers, I am proficient or familiar with a wide range of programming languages, tools and technologies, including

  • C-Objective for iOS and Smart Apple devices
  • Programming (Java, Python, C#, Javascript, R)
  • Active Server Directory Administration
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Mobile Computing
  • Windows, MAC OS and Linux
  • PHP, ASP, SQL, Oracle, MySQL


I am also proficient or familiar with other essential day-to-day skills, such as:

  • Dream weaver, Firework, Flash, Photoshop, Visio, Audacity, CourseLab
  • Nvivo, Leximancer, SPSS
  • Camtasia Studio
  • R-Studio
  • Computer and IT Troubleshooting


Learning and Teaching Consultant (Design)  (Formerly as Blended Learning Advisor) (August 2016 – current), Learning and Teaching, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Brisbane Australia.

As a Learning and Teaching Consultant (Design)  within Learning and Teaching at the Griffith Business School (GBS), I liaise with academics to provide advice and support on the use of ICTs to deliver education content during the design and development of courses. I provide pedagogical teaching and learning strategies to guide course and program design, including best practice in the use of learning management systems such as Blackboard.  Key roles include:

  • Liaise with academics to provide advice and support on the use of ICTs to deliver education content during the design and development of resources, courses and programs.
  • Support academics in the increased, enhanced, and appropriate use of ICTs in the design of student-centered learning experiences.
  • Enhance the integration of appropriate enterprise resources and services into the student learning experiences.
  • Ensure the efficient management of academic staff development projects, in support of curriculum design processes, that can contribute to the enhancement of the student learning experience by means of the increased use of ICTs in educational design.
  • Ensure the planning, implementation and management of academic staff development programs that address the needs of the Academic Group to help meet the objective of increased uptake and appropriate use of ICTs in their programs.

Information Officer (June – July 2016t), Business Enablement team, Information Management, Information Services, Griffith University, Brisbane Australia.

As an Information Officer for Business Enablement team, I was responsible for developing, managing innovative Information Management systems and advice on other records management options outside of the core electronic document record management systems (EDRMS) applications. Key roles include:

  • Review the business processes and records created or managed by the business area, documenting the characteristics of these records in order to make recommendations on the best way to manage them, including identifying the most appropriate repositories.
  • Design and develop appropriate innovative platforms for content and information management, and work with the business unit to migrate content and establish workflows.
  • Determine the system configuration requirements for records to be migrated to the EDRMS
  • Document business processes for ongoing reference and training purposes, as they relate to records/information management, and provide training to small groups of end-users as required.

ICT Literacy Specialist (April 2014 – April 2016), Library and Learning Services, Information Services, Griffith University (Nathan Campus), Brisbane Australia.

As an ICT Literacy Specialist, I provided innovative technology and computing skills training that emphasizes responsible computing use to enable Griffith students and staff to be critical, effective and strategic in the use of information communication technologies — both in their studies and as a means of improving professional competencies in the workplace. The key role includes:

  • Determine ICT literacy needs of target client groups.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate ICT literacy programs and resources.
  • Teach ICT literacy programs in a variety of contexts.
  • Actively promote ICT literacy programs.
  • Maintain currency with emerging ICT trends and technologies.
  • Develop and maintain infrastructure for ICT literacy services.

Sessional Academic (July 2014 – Current) School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, Brisbane Australia. Currently, I am sessional academic for the following course at Griffith University:

Sessional Academic (July 2011  – March 2014) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School and  Information Systems School, Science and Engineering Faculty,  Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

As a sessional academic for IFB102 – Computer Technology Fundamentals offered in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science School and INN220 – Business Analysis (postgraduate level) offered in the in Information Systems School (past tutor for INB101 – Impact of IT and  INB102 – Emerging Technology), both in the Science and Engineering Faculty  at QUT, high-level presentation skills and content knowledge were necessary to deliver my teaching effectively. Some of the topics covered in these two units are: social, mobile, cloud and ubiquitous computing, information systems as services, Business Analyst, business intelligence,  network and communications. I am passionate about learning new things, primarily emerging technologies.

Tutoring is fun and a good opportunity to improve teaching and communication skills.

IT Helpdesk Consultant (March 2009 – April 2014), Learning Environments and Technology ServicesQueensland University of Technology, Australia.

The IT Helpdesk Consultant is the first point of contact for staff and students of the University Computer, telephone and network problems, faults and queries.  IT Helpdesk Consultants are responsible for the problem management and resolution of these queries and faults.

Research Assistance (January  – March 2012), School of Culture and Language Studies in Education, Faculty of EducationQueensland University of Technology.

I worked as a part-time research assistant for A/Professor Anne Hickling-Hudson to help her create index for her new book “The Capacity to Share: A Study of Cuba’s International Cooperation in Educational Development”, published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. It was a good experience and learning to work on the index!

Associate Lecturer, Information Technology (April 2006 – February 2009, Full Time), Paro College of Education (www.pce.edu.bt), Royal University of Bhutan (www.rub.edu.bt), Bhutan.

This job, built on my previous teaching and IT helpdesk skills, prepared me for a better delivery in teaching and research capacity building. It was during this period that I had an opportunity to attend research workshops, oversea academic conferences, and meet scholars around the world (note that the medium of instruction was in English).

IT Helpdesk Lab Advisor (March  – September 2005, Part Time – 20 hours per week), Learning Environments and Technology Services, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

The main task of this job is to provide first hand support to the students and staff of the university. We provide IT-related services, such as computer troubleshooting, computer configurations. This job, besides the regular duties, allowed me to learn more about QUT and local communities; Australian life and experience; international students and their culture; and more.

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