Is it democracy or demon crazy?

Political Party formation and democratic election are good for the people of a country. On the other hand, it’s a bad for a developing country, such as Bhutan, ¬†where human resources are limited. It’s a suicidal mission aimed at bringing down good servants.

In the 2013 National Assembly (NA) Election of Bhutan, only 47 of the 235 capable servants will pass through the golden gate on 13 July.¬† It’s a game; one team, who has put huge resources, is eliminated in the pre-primary round (7 May), two more parties along with their resources and candidates will be terminated in the Primary round (31 May) and further 47 capable servants will be axed in the General Round on 13 July 2013.
Is it democracy or demon crazy?

All the Best to the participating parties and their candidates in the Primary Round of the National Assembly Election of Bhutan.

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