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Writing is a part of every day life. Through writing one lets his or her work, ideology and philosophy felt by public. If you want to make such impact on public or bring contributions or changes to the public services, then you should have the habit of writing.

To some people writing is fun, but for others it’s a monotonous work. I appreciate people who have the quality and habit of writing diaries, blogs, journals or any other papers. For me writing is not a cup of tea. However, I realise the importance of writing, especially for an academic. I am putting my best to create the habit of writing and I thought I might do some research on ‘Habit of writing everyday’ and share. A colleague of mine shared that no one is born to be a writer but you can with little effort.

There are many benefits of writing, from sharing, learning to making money. At this stage that is not important. Every novice writers are faced with the question – how to develop the habit of writing everyday or at least most days? Often, during question-and-answer sessions with famous writers, people ask about the writing process, such as when do they write, for how long, where do they write and so on. Different authors, writers and bloggers may have their own views on this. Racheal Toor, an Assist Professor of creative writing at Eastern Washington University, says, the key is to figure out what works for you and then keep at it long enough that you can answer the question without thinking, to make writing a habit.

(to be continued..)

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