Information Systems: A need for an e-government portal system in Bhutan.

There is no doubt that information and communication technologies (ICT) have high potential value across all sectors, in both public and private enterprises and at multiple levels, in developing countries, such as Bhutan. There is a need for an e-government portal system, a new dynamic website that is assessable portal for all ministries, civil servants and public. This short article discusses the need and benefits of such Information Systems (IS) in Bhutan.

The Information Systems will change the way we access and retrieve information that are essential and necessary in our day-to-day life. For example, it’s difficult to search and download a form and at times one need to send hours searching it on Google.

A one-stop portal will change the way our lawmakers, stakeholders and bureaucrats make decisions. This will not only improve the economy of the country but also help them to move forward and avoid falling behind and risk exclusion from economic and social progress. Information is a new currency.

The system will also benefit the government to increase and improve services. By making the data assessable to public would encourage private sectors to develop innovative new services and solutions to the current existing problems.  For example private sectors would be able to come with a real-time information systems or apps for city transport if such data are available.

While this article outlined very briefly the need and benefit of a one-stop portal IS system in Bhutan, my future papers will discuss in detail the role of IT/IS and its impact on Bhutan economically and socially. Key issues and recommendations will also be discussed.

(This is a draft version. Comments and views are welcomed)

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