Social Media in Education: A Review

Internet and their use in schools, and university settings have become popular with the invention of social media in Education.Social Media

Edudemic [1], an educational website for Education Technology Tips for Students and Teachers, has put up together a bunch of articles on Social Media in Education. Of the two articles, Pulkit [2] discusses about Social media as a key driver and medium of communication. He also discuss about resistance by educators, the need to respect how students of Internet generation use social media, promoting critical thinking and power of reasoning while using social media.

Pulkit reports that many of educators today are resistant to Social Media and fail to adopt to the new method of education, source of education.

In today’s world of fast-growing Internet, there is no way to stop students from using social media. Rather educators should respect them and show them how to use social media effectively. They need to know what their profile and album pictures are acceptable as they create their online print to express himself or herself as individual.

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Thus, educators have a big role to direct students to right way of using social media effectively. It is like crossing a road. The author advises that we don’t tell our kids not to cross but rather we hold their hand and show them how to cross.

The quality of educational content is no longer be benchmark of quality of education. For example, we don’t ask history students to memorise birthday of Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II or Nelson Mandela; these information are out there on Internet

In their second article on Social Media in Education, Katie [3] reports on how educators can use social media into education to engage with students and empowering them with the freedom to come-up with innovative ways of teaching using social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Using social media as a medium of expression is one of the steps that educators need to take. Social media can make education fun, interactive and collaborative.

According to the Erik Qualman [4], we don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.




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