Cloud-based learning and teaching

Emerging technologies are fast growing. In teaching and learning information and communication technologies (ICT) have advanced the use of video conferencing, search engine databases, cloud and mobile computing, and other technologies in education contexts, with no exception to Social Media as an emerging technology in learning and teaching.

In today’s world, as learning is becoming increasingly digital, access to the learning resources become increasingly important. Amongst the emerging technologies, cloud computing is increasingly becoming popular. There are enormous benefits of using cloud based learning and teaching approach, from cost effectiveness to content sharing and accessing – 24 by 7.

Apparently, there are many companies that provide cloud-based learning management systems such as TalentLMSA, Docebo elearning, Administrate, ELMO elearning, and more, of which is a popular one. Cloud-based Computing is an online education company that helps anyone learn software, technology, creative and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, more than four million people have access to the video library of engaging, high-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. The company also provides German-, French- and Spanish-language content under the video2brain brand name.

Apparently, universities are in search for more efficient and effective ways to take teaching-learning to next level. Over 3000 universities have subscribed to For example, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) library subscribes to as one of the databases; and the students and staff can login to using their QUT username and password. A brief background of is summarized below:

  • Started in 1995
  • 4 million users
  • Publish more than eight hours of content per day
  • Over 90,000 videos
  • 12-acre campus and state-of-the-art production facilities
  • 700 K-12 schools
  • Over 3000 universities
  • Works seamlessly with most mobile initiatives online training tutorials


The courses and videos, offered by cover broad range of topics including 3D animation, audio engineering, business applications, design applications, software development, video editing and much more. may be used to supplement curricula, tract your success, and train everyone within the organization. The resources are online; therefore it is available 24 by 7.Benefits of Lynda

Benefits can be grouped under four main components – supplement curricula, track success, train everyone and easy access.

Supplement Curricula

  • Support the flipped classroom model
  • Resources that are cost-effective and updated more option
  • Cheaper to use made tutorial than to make one

Track Success

  • Run reports to measure adoption, achievement and time spent on the service. Track completed courses
  • All users receive certificates of completion upon finishing a course.

Train Everyone

  • Content for everyone
  • Bridge the digital divide and help workers learn new technologies. They have training for everyone.
  • Extend training to a wide range of users in any administrative or academic settings

Easy Access

  • Integrates with your network for simple access and administration
  • Mobile or smart device access
  • Users can create and share course playlists, which can be mapped to classroom curricula or employee learning paths
  • All students and staff will have access through Griffith sign-on
  • Non-member can watch free sample videos for the courses

One of the main products of is that of LyndaCampus for academic organizations.

Why LyndaCampus?

LyndaCampus provides academic institutions with unlimited, cost-effective, organization-wide access to the vast library of instructional videos. There are enormous benefits of adopting LyndaCampus for academic organizations.

For students

  • Explore hundreds of topics in multimedia, design, web development, and social media
  • Perform independent study
  • Expand a resume and prepare for the workforce
  • Build presentation, time management, and research skills
  • Get immediate answers to technology questions

For faculty

For staff

  • Keep pace with technology
  • Support the daily workflow
  • Reduce help desk calls
  • Explore custom learning paths
  • Get immediate, just-in-time answers to questions

Other benefits and supports

  • Provide members/customers/employees with a virtual helpdesk
  • How to use videos
  • Widely used by over 3000 universities; good customer support review

In general, in today’s fast digitally growing world we are lucky to have the opportunity to use many cheap and freely available e-learning management systems. The bigger problem, however, is to ensure that we choose the best tools that meet our needs.

[Please note that the Author is neither associated with nor employed by] online training tutorials

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